The Beginning

So first of all I would like to introduce myself to all of you that are visiting my blog. I’m Jeremy, 21 years old and I’m currently living in the Philippines. I’ve lost 40+ lbs since the first day I hit the gym. From 170+ lbs down to 130 lbs. I’ve been going to the gym consistently for over 8 months right now.

I would like to officially start my blog by introducing myself to you all and what kind of blog I will be sharing to you guys along.

My blog will mainly focus on Fitness because who doesn’t want to be fit. Right??? And it will be consisting of Informative content, Daily life blogs, Foods, Lifting, How to blogs and more.

So maybe you guys would ask “Why start a Fitness blog?”

I want to start a Fitness related blog because me from the first time I started to love fitness I always look for the answers from my question. From “How to have six pack” to “Chest Workout” I look over the internet to find answers to my questions. And now that I know what’s the answer to my question I would like to share to all of you all the research that I did, to the experiences that I have so that it will be easier for you guys to have the resources you will need if you want to start a Fit & Healthier lifestyle.

And also I would like to highlight to you guys that I myself is not that “Healthy” considering that I follow a Fitness related lifestyle. I’m still human like you guys. I love burger… Fries… Chocolates… Cakes… Pies… And all the junk foods that you might think right now. And I still eat it right now while having a relatively lean physique right now.

So now maybe your confuse and thinking that.. “This guy is a joke, Earlier he just said that he is in to Fitness and Healthy lifestyle but he eats all that junk foods & fast foods that is unhealthy.”

Guys first of all what do you think is the definition of “Healthy”?

In my own opinion being “Healthy” is a term that is used to define a person that is active, can do what he/she wants, not getting sick 365 days a year and having a positive/happy life.

In terms of eating “Healthy”. Is it means you can only eat Vegetables, Fruits, Lean meat all day?? For me it’s a big “NO”.

For me eating “Healthy” means you eat an adequate amount of Vegetables and Fruit to hit your Micro-nutrient requirement each day. And I personally practice “Flexible Dieting”. I will explain it to you guys on my next post so hope to see you again on the next blog. BYE! 🙂